Purchasing a Unit

Residential units are mostly sold by, and on behalf of, the Developer on a life right basis. Every unit is priced individually and the price is determined according to the size of the unit as well as the additional features it has. If you want to purchase a residential unit, the price will include the sales commission.

There are sectional title units available from time to time. These prices can be negotiated with seller of the sectional title.

Monthly Levy

There is a monthly levy, payable in advance, which is done by means of a debit order. The levy amount is determined on approval of the budget for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting, which is held annually in August.

The levy includes the following:

  • Water, sewerage, refuse removal and communal electricity;
  • 24 Hour access control and additional nightly guarding and patrolling services;
  • Weekly domestic cleaning and gardening service to the units (excluding The Willows);
  • Maintenance of the outside of the units and all the communal areas and gardens;
  • Insurance of all structures including geysers;
  • 10 Weekday midday meals per month (excluding The Willows)(Centurion and Heuwelsig 8 x per week & 2 x on Sundays), 30 lunches per month, Saturdays and Sundays included;
  • Transport to the shops twice weekly;
  • Administration of Village matters including collecting of levies etc.;
  • Management of the Village;
  • Monthly accounting and bookkeeping services.

Rates and Property Taxes

There is a monthly amount payable to the Council for property taxes. This is determined by the Council and is based on the value of the unit.


Electrical consumption is metered monthly by Village staff and is payable to the Village. The amount payable appears on the levy statement handed out monthly.

Frail Care

The use of the frail care centre is charged for separately. Residents do have a cost advantage as they pay substantially less than outside patients.

Read more about our frail care centre here.


We offer strict 24 hour entry control at our retirement villages with only one entrance and security that patrols the village at night. The villages are surrounded by a security fence as well as an electric fence on top of this. The security of the villages are managed by a highly efficient security company with armed reaction. Every unit is equipped with a remote-controlled panic button; when used, it will register at the security and care centre, where the necessary support will immediately be provided. The safety of our residents are of utmost importance to us and we are constantly striving to improve this, to offer them a safe environment in these villages.

Read more about our security features here.

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