What is life right and what are the terms?

A Life Right Scheme, in terms of the Housing Development for the Retired Persons Act, entitles the occupant and/or his or her spouse the exclusive use of their unit during their lifetime, dependant on health. On termination of the right of occupation (by death or by leaving the Village after giving the Developer six months’ notice) and resale, they or their estate will receive the amount originally paid for the unit.

Additional improvements of a permanent nature such as carports and certain types of patio coverings are included as extras, subject to the approval of the developer and are added to the value of the unit on resale.

What is a sectional title?

A sectional title development scheme (usually referred to as a scheme) provides for separate ownership of parts of a property by individuals. These schemes are governed by the Sectional Titles Act, No. 95 of 1986. Residing in a sectional title scheme is a commitment to form part of a community that is bound by Management and Conduct Rules and the Sectional Titles Act.

How do you establish a sectional title ownership and what exactly does one own?

The Deeds Office includes a list of all the sections in the scheme, and specifies the name and details of each owner. You will buy a section, plus an undivided share of the common property. Taken together, this property is called your unit.

A section extends to:

  • the median of outer or dividing walls;
  • the lower part of the ceiling; and
  • upper part of the floor

What is Assisted Living?

An assisted living resident is defined as a resident who needs assistance with at least one of the activities of daily living. Assisted living facility residents would usually be senior citizens who do not need the level of care offered by a Frail Care Centre, but prefer more companionship and need some assistance in day-to-day living.

Assisted living residents are under the care and supervision of the Frail Care Centre. Daily visits from the Frail Care Centre ensures a good communication of the health and wellbeing of each resident.

Is there 24 Hour Security?

Protea Villages have full perimeter security by way of cameras and electric fencing, as well as a 24-hour access control with one entry point via a single entrance and exit gate. There are additional nightly guarding and patrolling services.

Are the units serviced?

The following services are offered:

  • Domestic workers - included in the monthly levy and provide weekly domestic cleaning.
  • Household refuse - cleared once a week. For those residents who recycle, the relevant bins are available for them to drop off their newsprint, cardboard, glass and metal cans.
  • Gardening services - included in the monthly levy.
  • Maintenance - a small maintenance team is available to perform minor internal unit maintenance and repairs at a nominal hourly rate, plus the cost of materials used.

Is there a courtesy bus?

For the convenience of residents, particularly those who no longer drive motor vehicles, a courtesy bus runs twice weekly to nearby shopping centres. The cost of transport is included in monthly levy.

Who insures my unit?

The cost of insurance is included in the levy. You are responsible for your furniture, vehicles and valuables.

How is levy managed?

There is a monthly levy payable in advance, which is done by means of a debit order. The amount of the levy is determined on approval of budget for the ensuing year at the Annual General Meeting which is held in August.

How is the monthly levy utilised?

It is used to pay the following services:

  • Water, sewerage, refuse removal and communal electricity
  • 24 Hour access control and additional nightly guarding and patrolling services
  • Weekly domestic cleaning and gardening services to the units
  • Maintenance of the outside of the units and all the communal areas and gardens
  • Insurance of all structures including geysers
  • Weekday midday meals (excluding Saterdays and Public Holidays):
    • Protea Retirement Village Heuwelsig : 10 meal tickets per month
    • Protea Retirement Village Centurion : 10 meal tickets per month
  • Transport to the shops twice weekly
  • Administration of the Village matters including collecting of levies etc.
  • Management of the Village and audit fees
  • Monthly accounting and bookkeeping services

How do rates and taxes work?

There is a monthly amount payable to the Council for rates and taxes. This is determined by the Council and is based on the value of the unit.

How does electricity work?

Electricity consumption is metered monthly by Village staff and is payable to the Village. The amount payable appears on the levy statement handed out monthly.

Are pets allowed?

You will have to comply with the rules. Special permission is to be granted by the Management Committee. Pets may not exceed a height of approximately 30 cm (fully grown adult small breed dog) and you cannot replace them. You have to obtain permission from the Developer or the Management Committee and the pets may not be of any nuisance to the other residents. You will also need to enclose your garden to contain your pet according to specifications at your own cost.

Is there an age limit?

Anyone from over the age of 50 can apply for accommodation. There is no upper age limit for acceptance into accommodation, however, an applicant’s health and medical needs are considered when applying for accommodation. Protea Retirement Villages strives to place residents in the right environment that will cater for their health and medical needs and is based on the doctors’ medical report and medical assessment by the village care centre.

Are there any restrictions on the number of guests staying over?

The Act stipulates that only the registered Occupant(s) may reside in the unit permanently, provided that you are over 50 years of age. If you have visitors or your children want to visit you, you have to obtain permission from the Management Committee if they stay longer than 14 days.